Linda Hackner - CTHGC
Linda Hackner - CTHGC
Linda Hackner
Director of Education

Linda Hackner is Director of Education for the Centre. Her role involves co-ordinating of Student and Adult programmes. She is directly involved in planning and conducting programmes for schools, diversity workshops for corporate groups, programmes designed for the Police and Prison services and specialised programmes for a wide range of other interest groups.

She is responsible for the training of all the volunteer guides, conducting workshops for trainee educators, and also travels throughout South Africa to conduct educator training workshops on Holocaust history for in–service educators around the country. A veteran of the teaching profession, she has taught in a variety of schools across three continents. Linda has been a member of the team at the Cape Town Holocaust & Genocide Centre since 2013.

Contact her for more information about educational programmes for all types of adult and student groups.

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