Project Description


I have chosen to draw a rose tangled in barbed wire because Roses are most commonly associated with love but can also mean secrecy or confidentiality. And a rose tangled in barbed wire symbolizes pain inside of love, encircling the rose and demonstrating the suffering one has endured. It can also represent a broken heart and that a person is cautious about who they let near their heart.

So the thought and meaning I’m bringing across with my drawing is strength and courage encircling the love we have for everyone and everything around us. And that it was really hard for the jews during the holocaust but they still stayed strong. They lived everyday like it was their last, not stopping for a second to stop believing in G-d or or to stop praying and being hopeful and to have the want to carry on living to do all the good in the world. They were like roses encircled in barbed wire, no matter what they went through they still had the love for life and G-d, and for every other jew. The barbed wire around the rose represents that they did suffer, they suffered a lot. But under all that pain, there was complete love and unity between them all. And no matter how much we suffer we will never stop being that loving caring beautiful rose underneath it all. And that’s what the Jews were, they were roses with complete love in their hearts.

Project Details


Aug 26, 2020


Junior Art